How We Got Started

PRIMFIT was born from a blend of observation, innovation, and the drive to make a difference. Our co-founder, Dr. Arik Poremba, noticed the significant benefits of dynamic movement on unstable surfaces during his physical therapy sessions. Yet, to achieve this effect, he found himself filling his clinic with foam mats, creating an environment that was effective, but space-consuming and not easily replicable outside the clinic.

A thought sparked: what if the instability could be made portable? What if it could be integrated into something as commonplace as footwear? From this idea, PRIMFIT was born.

Today, PRIMFIT continues to empower individuals to enhance their mobility, elevate their performance, and lead more active, fulfilling lives. With PRIMFIT, we're not just changing how you train; we're improving the way you move


About the Inventor

Arik Poremba, PT, DPT, is a licensed Physical Therapist specializing in biomechanics, sports rehabilitation, and sport-specific conditioning. Dr. Poremba is the co-founder of PRīMFIT™ Solutions and inventor of our footwear. He received his Master of Physical Therapy degree from Maryville University in St. Louis and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Institute of Health Professions in Boston.

Dr. Poremba has extensive experience treating clients and patients with neurological, orthopedic, and sports-related injuries, including elite and professional athletes. In addition, Dr. Poremba is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). He has served as an adjunct professor for physical therapy, athletic training, and exercise science students, and guest lecturer for several universities and organizations.


PRIMFIT™ is a dynamic training device that provides rehabilitation, injury prevention and improved athletic performance. It is designed to actively engage and stimulate the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems of the user while facilitating sensory input, dynamic balance, and core strength of the user's lower extremities. Combining these factors is the basis of proprioception-based training and protocols.

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