Balance and Fall Prevention

Each year in the United States, millions of people fall, resulting in more than $50 billion in medical costs and even worse, a significant - and often permanent - decrease in quality of life. Falls result from a progressive loss of balance and the neuromuscular inability to react to the loss of balance. 1 “Balanced impairments in older adults are one of the most experienced and reported problems to physicians, and balance and gait disorders are the second leading causes of falls."2 PRĪMFIT™ Solutions footwear and exercise program enhance the neuromuscular reaction response and increase functional strength. The results are both balance improvements as well as reaction time improvements.

1. CDC "Important Facts about Falls"
2. Clinical Interventions in Aging, "The effect of visual biofeedback on balance in elderly population: a systematic review"


Why Our Solution Works

Our footwear offers the first portable and integrated training system for both functional and balance-specific movement. Other unstable surface training products limit your movement which, in turn, minimize the benefits. Our balance and fall prevention program consists of 25 safe and progressive exercises which increase body awareness and enhance your performance on a variety of levels.

A Look at One of Our Balance and Fall Prevention Exercises